GEN Gathering 2018

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Gathering 2018, 15-17 February, Melbourne, Australia

The Growth Edge Network was founded in 2011 to bring together an international collective of people who have a deep interest in Adult Development, and who crave conversations with others who are like-minded; to think and learn together about how to best support our work in transformational change, in all kinds of organizations, all over the world. In January 2014 GEN achieved Charity status in New Zealand.

Today we are over 180 people living in eight plus countries. We are diverse in many ways but grounded by our deep interest in adult development theories.

Our activity includes gathering every 18 months for a mostly open-space conference. Melbourne 2018 will be our fifth Gathering.

We call this in person event a gathering rather than a conference as it is created with and by our members for our members. Managed by a committee of members the programme is created by members hosting sessions for others to attend. Session hosts offer a topic and a method for exploring that topic – sessions might be serious or playful, they might include dance, music or art – the only guidelines are that a topic be related to adult development, helps members explore their own growth edges, and are hosted from a position of not being the expert.


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