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Valerie Livesay

Valerie Livesay

Valerie is a recent addition to the Board following her service in the role of the Chair for the 2016 Gathering in San Diego.

Valerie has spent most of her life in the classroom, on one side of the podium or the other.  Valerie feels most at home when she is playing in the space of research, facilitation and practice in the company of others willing to co-create and push up against the edges of the learning environment.  Valerie’s research and writing endeavors focus on individuals navigating what it means to be human…and the growing and shedding inherent in that process. In her past professional life, Valerie was an administrator in and consultant to nonprofit organizations primarily in the fields of healthcare and higher education, working in the space of leadership and team development, strategic planning, and various aspects of nonprofit governance and fund development. Valerie and her husband live in San Diego with their two children who serve as the biggest reflection of her own fluid development. With Marcia and Leland, Valerie is leading the GEN Research Clearinghouse initiative.

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